The list on this page contains the names of "missing"
classmates. Please advise us if you know the
whereabouts of any of these fellow alumni. Meanwhile -
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Help us find our long lost friends. If you have information
please contact Steve Sopko at

George C. Allen
Jim D. Andrews
Nan Rita Austin
Linda Elaine Babb
Shirley Jean Bailey
William Donald Baird
Charles Blitch, Jr.
Marie Donna Breeden
Judith Elizabeth Briggs
Raymond G. Brown
Delores Annette Carter
Gillette Condon
Gayle Naomi Cordray
Lesley Alison Coyle
Conniel Craven
Eileen Rose Cummings
Kenneth Augustus Cyr
Authur Eugene Dawson
Michael Alan Dorian
Gladys Lucile Drawdy
Donald Dubois
Victoria Darrel Eidson

Tanna Luann Gallo
Hugh Gibson Goodman
George Grimes
Herbert John Herold
Alfred Hughes
Mary Frances Jenkins
Mary Sue Johnson
Philip Dorn Lauri
James Keith Lee
Linda Gaile Mack
Linda Frances McDaniel
Robert Lee Millard
Georganne Carter Mimms
Robert Lesley Mizell
Cynthia Lee Musser

Nancy Wagner Pickett
Nancy McConnell Picquet

Deborah Fay Price
Richard Melvin Quinn
Cheryl Suzanne Raybourne
John Reed
Wally Reed
Joyce Lunette Reid
Mary Elaine Rigsby
Mary Simpson Routten
Carolyn Elizabeth Schmidt
Jerry R. Seago
Mary Routten Simpson

Joanne Stark

Joanne Margaret Thompson
Leroy Maurice Thompson
Wally Till
Nancy Picquet Wagner
Kent Lee Weitkamp
Charles Elliott Willis
Linda Lee Willis
Suzanne Marie Young

"The Secret To Life...Is...
There Ain't No Secret"