Good Day Class of 1964...

Back in 2003 - when scanning technology was just getting within $$ reach of the general public (aka ME) - I purchased a professional photo scanner.  After 'learning the ropes' -and in preparation for our 2004 Reunion - I scanned the entire 1964 Pelican - picture by picture.  Since then  - with more advanced hardware and software, I have scanned the Pelican TWO more times - in an effort to get the best images possible.

In 2008 - in prep for the 2009 Reunion - a business relationship with a publishing company in Montreal, Quebec was established and after agreeing on a price - I started to build this ST. ANDREWS PARISH HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1964  complete WEB SITE. In additional to my scanned photos already done, and the many photos taken at Reunions and most of all - the myriads of photos and news articles  submitted by all of you, this web site has grown into quite an enterprise.   It has been very beneficial in being the central place for recalling and celebrating our decades of reunions of  our St. Andrews class.  It has been my pleasure to have been able bring all this together - especially with all of our classmate's cooperation and assistance. 

One of the most tedious and complex pages of the website is
the pass worded CLASSMATES INFO page which contains
names, addresses, telephone numbers and Email addresses
of our fellow classmates.  The effort to keep up with the
naturally constant changes on this page over the years
is a truly daunting task! 
Without the continuous intricate efforts and compilation
by Paulette Padgett Dillard - this page would not
have been even remotely possible.

I have seen very few websites that are as complete as ours ........... and it took all of us to participate in making it an outstanding example of what a really great cohesive
High School Class can accomplish.
My sincere thanks to all of you who have made the job of administrating and building this website truly a labor of pleasure, accomplishment and appreciation.

Your Classmate of the Illustrious Class of 1964 -
Steve Sopko