The commemorative items listed here in the Reunion Store are not necessarily endorsed by the Class of 64 Reunion Committee or any of it's members.   

     The items are offered by the companies listed and since items from St. Andrews are not often seen,  perhaps you would like to check them out.

Be sure and check on the return policy of the item before you purchase it.

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of the products you selected. 

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At the bottom of EACH ITEM on this first page of merchandise below...left-click on any "click to buy now" bar.    Don't worry - you are not buying anything, but it will facilitate your going further on into the very extensive mechandise site.  The more
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Welcome to the Reunion Store. You can PERSONALIZE ITEMS with your name, number, year, design and of course our school name. THERE ARE NO MINIMUMS and items are shipped to you directly from the factory.

Click on any "Buy Now" button and you will be brought to a page where you can choose from MANY MORE ITEMS (T-Shirts, Hooded Crewnecks, Sport Shirts, Golf Apparel, Jerseys, Outerwear, Fleece, Bottoms, Accessories, Headwear and more).
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