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JoLyn Hines (Branch)
December 23, 1946 Retired Married 2
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sandy burnett
May 16, 1959 owner/opperator of cleaning business Committed Relationship 3 no
would like to get in contact with class mates of '77-'79 and find out about reunions and other events. Send sandy a MessageSend sandy a Message
Sam DeLoach
November 15, 1946 COL (Ret), US Army Married 2 Yes
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Paulette Paulette Padgett (Dillard)
May 06, 1946 Retired Single Again 4 Yes
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Ronnie Drolet
Profile picture
Profile picture
April 23, 1945 President of Ron Drolet Insurance Agy Inc. Widowed 3 Pending!
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Nancy Hartnett (Glenn)
Profile picture
Profile picture
February 20, 1946 Registered Nurse / Mother and Housewife Married 6 YES
 Since high school I have become the mother of 6 children, 2 girls & 4 boys.  They have become sucessful citizens and made us very proud. One of my daughters (Lauren) passed away during infancy. We have 8 Grand Children and are expecting a Great Grand (boy) in November. 
 While all the kids were still small, I attained my LPN, Associate RN, Bachelor RN, and Masters Degree in Nursing Administration.  I worked for 3 general surgeons while going to school.  I worked at Roper Hospital in the Operating Room and ICU/CCU.  I was instrumental in opening the IN and Out Surgery Unit while working at the Veterans Administration Hospital.
 I have been married to the love of my life, Carl, for the past 39 years! After all these years, we are still crazy about each other. We're both enjoying retirement.  We have traveled to Western Europe, Canada and Alaska.  We would like to travel some more, health permitting. 
 My years at St. Andrews were some of the happiest times of my life.  I often think of my Classmates and sometimes wish I could relive those years!  I'm looking forward to seeing each of you at the reunion!
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Louise Adams (Heape)
Profile picture
May 25, 1946 Wife/mother & GRANDMOTHER (fulltime) Married 2 Yes
WHA-WHOO!!! Ray and I are grandparent's..
Brandon Raymond, Feb.2, 2008.  Jesse Cheyenne, April 25, 2008.  WE NEVER GAVE UP, HAHAHAHAHA.  Allen being 39 and Mike being 42....We now have more heart strings, and
I have girls on my side, te-he.
Blessings on you ALL, Weze
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Linda Linda Harrison (Keller)
Profile picture
May 31, 1946 Outreach Lab Manager/University Florida 2 YES
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John Mathis
June 26, 1946 Organization Development Mgr. Married 1 yes
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Barbara Myres
Profile picture
Retired Divorced no
Just found this fantastic site and loved seeing the YouTube video with pictures of Miss Atkinson and all my friends from the Glee Club. Great memories of a wonderful time in my life.  Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
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